You Talk, We Listen

Lynx Cares is an early alert initiative composed of professionals from different areas of campus life who deal with students on a regular basis. The purpose of the program is to develop, facilitate and coordinate a college-wide program of care and support for students in distress. By working closely with faculty, staff, students and their friends and families, Lincoln College will display a culture of care and show our students and their families that they are an important part of our community.

Team members include volunteers from Enrollment Management, Student Life, Wellness, Counseling, and other departments and offices on campus. All concerns brought to us by the student will always remain confidential. Referrals are made from faculty, staff, parents, other students, and by the student him/herself.

For emergencies, please call 911 and/or contact Campus Security at (217) 737-4477.

The Lynx Cares team can help refer students with issues including, but not limited, to:

  • Deaths (student/family)
  • Extended illnesses/health concerns
  • Financial stress
  • Adjustment issues
  • Academic performance
  • Homesickness
  • And other general signs of stress

To make a referral, please fill out the form or contact us directly at (217) 737-8785, or at